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Embark on the ultimate self-driving adventure: explore the charms of Lisbon!

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Why we love this deal:

  • No more rushing from one tourist spot to another: enjoy the flexibility to savor every moment and create your own unique experience with our self-driving package.
  • Unveil Lisbon's timeless beauty: immerse yourself in the city's rich history as you wander through its cobbled streets, marvel at its stunning architecture, and soak up the vibrant atmosphere of its charming neighborhoods.
  • Spectacular day trips at your fingertips: discover the true essence of Portugal as you embark on exciting day trips from Lisbon from the fairy-tale village of Sintra and its majestic palaces to the breathtaking coastal cliffs of Cascais.
  • Unmatched culinary delights: indulge your taste buds in the foodie paradise that is Lisbon. From delectable seafood dishes to traditional pastries like Pastéis de Belém, you'll have the chance to savor the authentic flavors of Portuguese cuisine, making your journey a feast for all senses.
  • Customizable: Add more nights to your stay or even local excursions!


Day 1
Arrival in Lisbon

Suggestion for the day:

Stroll around downtown Lisbon’s lively city streets

Can’t Miss:

  • São Roque church
  • São Pedro de Alcântara garden
  • Ruins of Carmo church
  • Santa Catarina viewpoint
  • Luís de Camões Square
  • Torre de Belém
  • Mosteiro dos Jerónimos
  • Pastéis de Belém
  • Augusta street
  • Terreiro do Paço
  • Santa Justa lift

Suggestion for dinner: Lisbon Fado Night With Dinner

Suggestion for the day:

  • Visit Sintra

Historically known as being the illustrious home to Portugal’s most storied monarchs, the town of Sintra is not only historically relevant, but aesthetically speaking, it is a true marvel of magnificence and romantic beauty. This dream destination is also known as being filled with heavenly mansions tucked among rolling green hillsides, and fantastical castles that make you feel as if you have stepped into an actual real-life fairytale, including must-see marvels of the Palácio Nacional de Sintra, Palácio da Pena, Quinta de Regaleira, the Castelo dos Mouros, and the Palácio de Monserrate.

Can’t Miss:

  • Pena National Palace
  • Local pastries (travesseiros de Sintra)
  • Ginginha (local licour)
  • Pena Palace
  • Quinta da Regaleira
  • Monserrate Palace
  • Moorish Castle
  • Old-Town 

Suggestion for the day:

  • Visit the UNESCO City of Évora

The Alentejo region of Portugal is a feast for all the senses, from its northernmost tip to its sunkissed southern shores. While the north offers visitors pastoral scenery, like horses grazing in the flatland, the central portion of the region is marked by the vast plain with rows of cornflowers blowing in the wind. As one makes their way to the Alentejo coast, wild and unmarred natural beauty awaits to awe and inspire. 

Can’t Miss:

  • Sé Cathedral
  •  Roman Temple
  • Capela dos Ossos
  • Giraldo Square
  •  Évora university
  •  Água da Prata aquaduct
  • Cromlech of Almendres

Suggestion for the day:

  • Visit Fátima

Those looking to delve deeper into Portugal´s religious roots need to look no further than Fatimá, which is famous for being the holy site where an apparition of Our Lady of Fatima is said to have appeared. As the story goes, the apparition was seen by a pair of shepherd children in the early part of the 20th century. That sums it up, but there is far more to the story, which you will surely discover more about when you make your way to Fatima as a fabulous day trip from Lisbon (the Museu de Arte Sacra e Etnologia is the place with all the 411). Located just about an hour from Lisbon, Fatima and its Chapel of the Apparition and nearby Holy Trinity Cathedral top the list of Catholic pilgrimage sites. But even if you are not really a religious person, the architecture, energy, and history of the place will surely win you over, particularly the Sanctuary of Fatima.

Book here your Fátima Guided Tour.

Suggestion for the day:

  • Visit Óbidos

The romantic appeal of Obidos — a marvelous medieval town in Portugal chocked full of intriguing history — provides a true experience, as if you have actually stepped back in time to explore the nation’s amazingly rich history. Wandering among this enclave´s charming cobbled streets — flanked by an ancient walled labyrinth — and visiting its magnificent medieval castle will be memories you will never forget.

Can’t Miss:

  • Porta da Vila, Óbidos castle
  • Santa Maria church
  • Santa Maria Square
  • Bom Jesus da Pedra Sanctuary
  • Óbidos lake
  • Porta da Vila
  • Óbidos Aquaduct
  • Óbidos Medieval Market


Suggestion for the day:

  • Enjoy a boat tour of the Tagus River! Choose your boat adventure here.

*itinerary presented is a suggestion and the length of stay may vary. All tours are suggestions unless clearly stated.

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About the Destination:

Immerse yourself in the wonders of Lisbon with our self-driving adventure. Discover the enchanting charms of this vibrant city and its surroundings, including:

  • The majestic castles and lush gardens of Sintra
  • The breathtaking coastal cliffs of Cascais
  • The historic neighborhood of Alfama, with its narrow alleys and Fado music
  • The iconic Belém Tower and Jerónimos Monastery
  • The vibrant food scene, where you can savor delicious seafood and traditional pastries

Experience the freedom to explore and create your own extraordinary journey through the captivating treasures of Lisbon.

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