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FNC Madeira
From ATL Atlanta$753 From IAD Washington$827 From LAX Los Angeles$757 From MSP Minneapolis$753
LIS Lisbon
From ATL Atlanta$573 From BNA Nashville$572 From BOS Boston$473 From BWI Baltimore$457
OPO Porto
From ATL Atlanta$566 From BNA Nashville$573 From BOS Boston$414 From CHI Chicago$563
PDL São Miguel
From ATL Atlanta$806 From AUS Austin$779 From BNA Nashville$738 From BOS Boston$697
FAO Algarve
From BNA Nashville$596 From CHI Chicago$608 From CLT Charlotte$559 From DFW Dallas-Fort Worth$610
LPA Gran Canaria
From BOS Boston$463 From CLT Charlotte$646 From DTW Detroit$734 From JFK New York$453