What's The All-Year Round Weather In The Algarve, Portugal?

Discover the Algarve Weather Every Season


The Algarve region of Portugal is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Whether you're looking for a vacation spot with beautiful beaches, delicious food, or simply some time away from your daily life, the Algarve has something for everyone. One of the biggest draws of the Algarve is its consistently mild climate.

Here’s an overview of what to expect during each season in this stunning region of Portugal:


Exploring the Algarve region of Portugal is an incredible adventure, with its diverse landscapes and hidden gems awaiting discovery.

1. Spring Weather in The Algarve

Springtime in Portugal starts from late March until June and temperatures begin to steadily rise throughout these months. April is usually considered the best month to visit as it is often warm and sunny, but not too hot yet. During this time, temperatures hover around 20°C and there can be some rainfall throughout April and May. However, on average it is still quite dry and sunny. If you're hoping to explore all that the area has to offer, this is an ideal time as you'll have plenty of sunshine without having to suffer through scorching temperatures.


Algarve in the springtime is a truly magical experience with its warm sunny days, fresh air, and breathtaking landscapes.

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2. Summer Weather in The Algarve, Portugal

The summer months bring hot days that are perfect for soaking up some rays on one of the Algarve's beautiful beaches. July is usually the warmest month with an average temperature of 28ºC during the day and lows of around 20ºC at night. This high temperature makes it ideal weather for enjoying all kinds of outdoor activities such as sailing, fishing, diving, and surfing. There are plenty of beaches to explore so pack your sun cream and get ready to spend some quality time getting tanned on one of them. There will be very little rainfall during this period so you can rest assured that your days will be filled with nothing but sunshine.


From white sandy shores to hidden coves, the best beaches in all of Portugal are in the Algarve Region

3. Autumn Weather in The Algarve, Portugal

Autumn in the Algarve marks a change in scenery as days become slightly cooler with an average temperature of around 24ºC during the day and 9ºC at night. This season brings milder weather which makes it a great choice for those who want to escape from summer’s scorching heat but still experience warm temperatures during their stay. Autumn also offers a variety of festivals such as music concerts and cultural celebrations that will make your stay even more special.


Take in the wondrous views of the Atlantic Coastline provided by the Alfanzina Lighthouse in Carvoeiro

4. Winter Weather in Algarve, Portugal

As winter arrives in December temperatures start dropping significantly with an average temperature of around 16ºC during the day and 6ºC at night. But don’t let this fool you because the Algarve is still alive during this period. Winter brings calmer days that are ideal for exploring inland regions like the Monchique Mountains or Silves Castle. You can go bird-watching while visiting Ria Formosa Nature Park or enjoy a peaceful walk along Albufeira beachfront promenade while savoring delicious local dishes in cozy restaurants along your way.


Experience paradise at Molhe Beach in Ferragudo - golden sand, turquoise waters, and stunning views!

Experience the year-round allure of the Algarve region and make unforgettable memories. Whether you're captivated by spring's blossoms, basking in the sizzling summer sun on its pristine beaches, or immersing yourself in the rich autumn culture, the Algarve promises an exceptional holiday experience. Don't miss out on this Portuguese gem – book your getaway today!

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