Exploring the Best Ocean Activities in Madeira Island

Paradise Found: Why Madeira Island is a Haven for Ocean Lovers


1. Surfing in Madeira Island: Riding the Waves of Portuguese Paradise


Ride the waves and soak up the sun on Madeira Island, Portugal

Madeira is an unexpectedly amazing destination for surf enthusiasts. Although the normal surf season takes place from October to May, Madeira has optimal conditions for surfing year-round due to its mild, subtropical climate and warm water temperatures. Surfers come from all over the globe to experience Madeira’s thrilling waves and stunning landscapes.


2. Stand Up Paddle in Madeira Island: Discovering Stunning Coastal Views from a Different Perspective

Stand up for adventure: Explore the beauty of Madeira Island with stand-up paddle boarding

Stand Up Paddling is a great way to get out on the water for a mix of sightseeing and exercise. This easy sport can be quickly learned and enjoyed by the whole family, so grab a paddle and head out on a SUP adventure in Madeira to get an up-close view of the gorgeous coastline and crystal-clear waters!


3. Windsurfing in Madeira Island: Riding the Wind and Waves in a Natural Paradise


Get ready to catch some wind and ride the waves while windsurfing on Madeira Island, Portugal

Madeira’s southern coast is the perfect spot for trying out windsurfing. Funchal, Achadas da Cruz, Caniço, Santa Cruz, Machico, Caniçal, Paúl do Mar and Porto Santo are fantastic locations for windsurfing on Madeira’s southern slope. These beautiful beaches have the best access for windsurfers, along with calmer waters and a steady breeze – perfect for anyone who is experienced or just wants to try it for the first time


4. Discover the Marine Wonders of Madeira Island: Go Whale and Dolphin Watching


Step into a world of wonder and witness the incredible beauty of the ocean's most magnificent creatures

With ocean depths reaching more than 3,000 meters (9,850ft) just off the coast, Dolphin & Whale Watching boat tours around Madeira are always full of surprises! Whether you’re looking to explore the archipelago or relax on a leisurely ride, you’re almost certain to run into a friendly group of dolphins or a whale while out on the water. The most common whale species you can expect to see include the Sei Whale, Humpback Whale, Fin Whale, or even Orcas, and Bottlenose Dolphins are the most common species that can be found throughout the whole year around the islands. Visitors can also head out to the Desertas Island to catch a glimpse of the “Lobo Marinho” (Sea Lion)!


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5. Diving & Snorkeling in Madeira Island: Exploring the Underwater Paradise

Dive into the crystal clear waters of Madeira Island and discover a mesmerizing world beneath the waves

Madeira’s mild climate and water temperatures, excellent visibility, and diverse array of marine life make this archipelago a world-class diving and snorkeling destination with year-round appeal for divers at any level. Visitors can head to “Galo”, “Reis Magos”, or “Caniçal” for easy access to diving sites directly off the beach.  The Garajau Nature Reserve is a very popular location offering 7 different diving spots where divers can spot amberjacks, barracudas, cutlassfish, giant anemones, mackerels, rays, salemas, and giant groupers that aren’t afraid to swim right up to you! Madeira and Porto Santo were the sites of many shipwrecks throughout history, which add lots of fun and interesting elements to diving trips around the islands. Both islands have a host of diving companies and schools that offer everything from equipment rental to specialized excursions for divers and snorkelers of any level.


6. Natural Swimming Pools in Madeira Island


Escape the heat and take a dip in the natural swimming pools of Porto Moniz 

Head to Madeira’s north coast to take a swim in one of the island’s beautiful natural pools. Formed naturally through volcanic runoff and lava rocks, these pools are filled by the natural ebb and flow of the ocean tides.


7. Discover the Thrilling Adventure of Kayaking in the Stunning Waters of Madeira Island


Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and paddle your way through the crystal-clear waters of Madeira Island

Kayaking out on the ocean around Madeira is a fun and exciting experience. Although Madeira doesn’t have lakes or rivers, there are plenty of areas along its coastline with calm and inviting ocean waters perfect for a kayaking adventure.


8. From Golden Sands to Dramatic Cliffs: Uncover the Best Beaches of Madeira Island


 Bask in the warm sun on some of the most picturesque beaches of Madeira Island

If you’re looking to take a break and relax, Madeira has several beautiful beaches around the island perfect for spending an afternoon swimming or sunbathing. Many have ocean access, but don’t be intimidated by the beaches with the wilder, less manicured appearance.  Often covered in pebbled volcanic basalt stones, you’ll feel like you’re the first to set foot in some of these unique places!


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