Top Reasons to Why You Should Visit Madeira Island

Why Madeira Island Should Be Your Next Travel Destination?


Are you pondering your next vacation spot? Let us guide you to the top reasons why Madeira, Portugal's enchanting island, deserves to be your next destination.

Nestled in the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean, Madeira is a captivating gem situated not only off the coast of Portugal but also intriguingly near both Morocco and, surprisingly, the United States. This special positioning contributes to its charm, offering a tranquil escape from the bustling mainland. Yet, it remains conveniently accessible for those spontaneous getaways. Here, you can truly relax, unwind, and immerse yourself in a distinct island experience.

That's why we've curated a list highlighting why Madeira stands out as a uniquely splendid and compelling destination, perfect for your upcoming journey.


1. Amazing All-Year-Round Weather 

One cannot talk about the numerous positives of Madeira without first mentioning the amazing weather. Madeira's climate is quite mild, with sunny days dominating the majority of the year and temperatures relatively warm throughout each season… yes, even in winter! Just to give you an idea, summer temperatures hover around 24°C (75°F) on average and rarely dip below 17°C (63°F), and even the “coldest” season of winter can’t be described as anything less than lovely, with temperatures normally only dipping at their lowest to an early morning (still sunny and balmy) 4°C (39°F), but hovering more around a mid-day 20°C (68°F).


In Madeira Island, a bathing suit is considered year-round attire

2. An Array of Outdoor Activities 

Madeira's Mediterranean climate is ideal for year-round outdoor activities, catering to both sea enthusiasts and those who prefer land-based adventures. The island's warm waters invite a range of aquatic activities like snorkeling, diving, sailing, windsurfing, sport fishing, and surfing. Notably, Jardim do Mar and Porto da Cruz are prime spots for surfing. Boat trips along the coast offer sightings of dolphins, whales, and monk seals. For those inclined towards land, options abound in golf, hiking, biking, and more, ensuring a fulfilling outdoor experience for every visitor.


The great weather sets the stage for all kinds of outdoor adventures throughout the whole year 

3. Affordability

Madeira Island's affordability compared to other European destinations is a significant attraction for travelers. The cost-effectiveness of the island extends to various aspects of a vacation, including accommodation, dining, and activities, making it an appealing destination for budget-conscious travelers. However, for those seeking a more luxurious experience, Madeira doesn't disappoint. The island also caters to upscale travelers with its range of luxury accommodations and experiences. High-end resorts and hotels dot the island, offering top-notch amenities, fine dining, and exclusive services. These premium options provide an elevated level of comfort and exclusivity for those willing to spend more.


 From mountain trails to hikes through its UNESCO-protected Laurissilva Forest, this island has it all 

4. Diverse Marine Life

The waters around Madeira are teeming with life, making them an ideal habitat for various species of dolphins and whales. These include common and bottlenose dolphins, sperm whales, and even occasional sightings of blue and fin whales. The variety of species present provides a rich and unpredictable experience for watchers. One of the highlights of Madeira's marine fauna is the rare and elusive monk seal. While sightings are less common, the possibility of encountering one of these endangered creatures adds an extra thrill to the whale-watching experience.


Welcome to the biggest whale sanctuary in the North Atlantic, where more than 28 species of whales and dolphins can be spotted throughout the year

5. Unique Cultural Experiences

offers a unique blend of cultural and gastronomic experiences, deeply rooted in its Portuguese heritage. The island is renowned for its traditional Santana houses, which are characterized by their thatched roofs, colorful walls, and distinctive triangular shape. These houses, often found in rural settings, are emblematic of Madeira's architectural traditions and provide a glimpse into the island's rural life in the past.

The history of Madeira is closely tied to the age of Portuguese exploration. Being a key stopover for navigators in the Age of Discovery, Madeira played a significant role in the exploration and colonization efforts led by Portugal. This rich maritime history is evident in the island's museums, monuments, and the stories passed down through generations.


Traditional house in Madeira, Portugal
Charming Traditional Santana Thatched House in Rural Madeira

6. Levadas for Days

Speaking of getting out and enjoying the outdoors, one extra unique offering that Madeira has is its lovely levadas. These small irrigation canals are scattered throughout the entire island, and their originations date back to the sixteenth century. Not only are these levadas lovely to look at, but they are also among some protected areas in Madeira. Both locals and visitors alike have made it a popular pastime to stroll along them on foot, encountering amazing landscapes and myriad local flora and fauna along the way.


With its many gorgeous mountains and waterfalls, it’s no surprise that Madeira has long been referred to as a “hiker’s paradise”

7. Enchanting UNESCO Forests

Another protected area in Madeira will make you feel as if you have stepped into an enchanted forest from a Disney movie or childhood fairy book. This idyllic Eden is known as the Laurissilva Forest. Classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Nature Site thanks to its wild beauty and diverse landscape, this truly magical forest has also been officially named one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Portugal, making it a must-see on your Madeira adventures list.


Madeira's Laurissilva Forest is a precious UNESCO World Heritage Site

8. Rich Island Culture & Heritage

Madeira is an island filled with fascinating traditions and a rich, deeply rooted culture, all of which stems from its interesting history that dates all the way back to when the Portuguese navigators Tristão Vaz Teixeira, Bartolomeu Perestrelo, and João Gonçalves Zarco first discovered it in 1419. It is said that these navigators named the island “Madeira” (translated as wood) due to its abundance of natural material.

They wasted no time in clearing some of this wood (forests) to create the aforementioned levadas, which became water channels to carry the water from the north coast to the southern coast of the island, paving the way for a soon-to-be flourishing agricultural island. Visitors here will see the evidence of how important fishing and agricultural crops (like sugar cane, which was dubbed “white gold” and exported throughout Europe) were — and are — to the island's sustenance and prosperity.

Also, a pinnacle of Madeira's culture is its world-famous Madeira wine, and people now travel from all over the world to taste its unique flavors and to learn about — and see firsthand — how it is grown, cultivated, and harvested… from vine to bottle.


Garlands, street decorations at  Madeira Wine Festival in Estreito de Camara de Lobos, Madeira, Portugal.
Vibrant Garlands and Festive Street Decorations at the Madeira Wine Festival

9. Unique Flavores & Cuisine

Portuguese food is already renowned across the world. However, far too few people realize that Madeiran cuisine has a special “taste” that’s all its own. The fare one can expect to enjoy in Madeira is simple yet delicious, with the lion's share of its fabulous flavor being derived from an amazing variety of local products. 

As Madeira is an island, it should come as no surprise that much of what you’ll find on the menu is a wide array of sumptuous seafood items. Among the freshest seafood offerings you will ever have the joy of experiencing are such ocean delicacies as grilled limpets, various octopus and shrimp dishes, savory tuna steaks, and black scabbard fish fillets.


Madeira wine, coffee and hohey cake, View to Funchal, Portugal
Scenic Funchal View with Madeira Wine, Coffee, and Traditional Honey Cake

Hungry for more? Try bolo-do-caco. Ready for dessert? Don’t miss Madeiran tartlets made from fresh ricotta, sure to wow even the pickiest palate, or opt for the island's traditional “Honey Cake”, an especially popular and perfectly spiced sweet enjoyed at Christmas in Madeira. For the health nuts, all-natural fixes for your sweet tooth also abound in the form of tropical fruits as far as the eye can see, including mangos, bananas, avocados, soursops, passionfruit, and many more. 

Wash it all down with Madeira's famous “poncha”, an intoxicating and delicious local libation made with white rum, bee honey, and lemon. Or, you can choose to end the evening with a glass of the aforementioned world-famous Madeira wine.


Fresh Limpets of Madeira Island - A Mouthwatering Delight!

10. Closer Than You Think

It will delight many to discover that even though it amazingly feels as if you are a world away from it all once you arrive, Madeira is just a short flight away from most main European capitals and the East Coast of the United States. For instance, Madeira's Cristiano Ronaldo International Airport offers regular flights connecting to capitals including but not limited to London, Paris, Berlin, Lisbon, and Porto, with the flight from Lisbon lasting only 1.5 hours. Did you know that there is an exciting new direct flight option coming soon from JFK Airport in New York City (NYC) for Americans? It's true!


Runway of Madeira Airport near Funchal, Madeira Island
Spectacular Aerial View of Madeira Airport, a Gateway to the Island's Beauty

If you have fallen in love with Madeira, take a look at our hassle-free packages that allow you to plan your dream trip to this beautiful destination. Our team of local experts has thoughtfully designed all our packages, ensuring that you don't have to worry about any arrangements. Simply sit back, unwind, and make the most of your vacation!


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